An island roughly the size of Texas or France, Madagascar is home to more than 250,000 species of which 70% are found nowhere else on the globe.

The economic and social situation in Madagascar remains very worrying (9 million poor people) and is aggravated by epidemics, hurricanes, the political crisis that has paralyzed the economy while the country is already heavily indebted.

The education system in Madagascar is heavily affected by the economic situation and by all natural disasters.

The current budget for education remains low, affecting the school environment and thus the quality of education. This lack of resources particularly affects families in precarious situations, which often have difficulty financing the schooling of their children.

Population : More than 20 Millions

Urban Population : 30%

Life Expectancy : 56 years

Infant Mortality : 80 / 1000

Under Five Mortality : 136 / 1000

Human Development Index : 135 / 169 countries

Access to safe drinking water : 47%

Languages : Malagasy, French, (English)


Charity Organization to help empowering some of the poorest people to establish for themselves sustainable livelihoods and improve their health and wellbeing.

Our beliefs

- All people are equal

- All people have the right to live a dignified life

- All people should have access to basic health services

  1. -All people should have access to basic education

                Our Actions :

                - Health care

                - Water Supply

                - Food

                - Education


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